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Personal Chef Services

To be honest, I added chef services mainly to have another hat . . . I have limited experience cooking for a living (other than managing a couple of fast food restaurants early in my career), but I regularly cook large, gourmet meals for my own family (which most of the time includes my extended family--about 7 adults and 2-3 kids) and have a true "knack" for planning and executing big events, menu planning for a week or more of food for a family, and just generally love to cook (and eat)! Oh, and I am a Certified Barbeque Judge!

My pricing is based primarily on how I value my time. But, in terms of value to you—how much would it be worth to not have to cook or shop for food at all for an entire week while your family enjoys exactly the kinds of food they like, perfectly prepared? Would your family eat together more often? Would you feel more relaxed if you had an hour to unwind after work instead of worrying up a meal last-minute? Would you enjoy your dinner party more if you could spend more time interacting with your guests?

That's the idea, anyhow . . .

Rates Rationale How Does it Work?

$45 (plus any direct costs). Personal Chef Services

or $360 (6 Gourmet Dinners prepared for a family of 5):
A la Carte Chef Services
As I mentioned above, pricing is mostly about the value of my time, but if you think about it, you probably already spend more than $360 plus food in groceries and restaurant bills each week.
No charge for our initial meeting (where we discuss food preferences, allergies, family schedules, food budget, special events, etc. to develop a menu plan), then you just pay the flat fee for each week you use me (no need for an ongoing commitment or contract).

For parties, I’m totally flexible and can do everything from menu planning to clean up . . . or you can call me in just to help with the meal itself (or to help when you’re freaking out, too tired to clean up, etc.).

I do plan to work toward certification (the website this links to also provides a good description of what a personal chef does for you.)

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